Training class

This course is for hairdressers who would like to use the French dry cut technique in their salon, or learn the a new technique and brush up their skills.





Learn the basics of scissors and cutting needed in the French-style French dry cut technique

This course teaches the basic styling techniques in 9 steps in order to master the French-style dry cut. It is taught individually over a short period of time, and includes the opportunity to put the technique into practice..


This course usually run s for 2 or 3 hours a time, once a week within a period of two months. The participants are able to adjust their schedule to fit in with the salon
s business hours, and lectures after business hours are also possible, in which case the course is held over a week.


One length


learn to Hand shaping and Down gradation as result a one length.


 Low gradation


learn to Down gradation and Up gradation  as result a roundness belong to head shape 

Round gradation


learn to non sectioning to control roundness as result a to round gradation

Front incline 


learn to Back hand shaping as result a long hair to belong to front.


Long Layer


learn to front hand shaping as result a long hair to belong to back.

Medium Layer


learn to horizontal hand shaping as result a high layer 

Short layer


learn to on the base as result a Same layer 

Bob Layer


learn to Gradation based with Layer on the top.

Mixed techniques 



Layer Bob


learn to Layer based with Gradation on the top.

Mixed techniques



I recommend the G&L Mixed Course for experienced hairstylists who would like to go back over the basic techniques of the dry cut, incorporate the dry cut as additional service, or expand their hair design repertoire.
Students of this course learn the two characteristic layered bob styles that both require all of the basic techniques.
It takes around 2 hours to teach each style, so 1 – 2 full or half days are required to learn both patterns. International clients can complete the course in 2 days of training after hours.






a place for hairdressers to learn the French-style dry cut technique for the first time. I hope that students can participate in my seminars without reserve. I use a model, or a wig to demonstrate and explain the cutting technique.
There is no limit on the number of participants. Most of the participants have some connection to hairdressing, and the seminars are usually held at salons belonging to friends or acquaintances.

:The seminar usually runs for 90 mins.
Please access the following links as a reference.

Basic 9



1 style for 200 US


3 styles for 500 US


6 styles for 900 US


9 styles for 1200 US





Gradation layer
Layer Gradation
2 styles for 500 US



$900 per group. 

* 10 participants, the cost is $90 per head.

* 20 participants, the cost is $45 per head.

* 30 participants, the cost is $30 per head.